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  • MRM EEO Services, Inc. provides a variety of EEO services under GSA contract GS02F0132W pursuant to 738 Part X: 595-25. Our services include, but are not limited to EEO complaint investigations, Mediation/ADR, EEO Counseling, Organizational Assessments and FAD writing. MRM offers services related to all facets of 738 Part X: 595-25. The principal partners of the company have over 26 years of experience in employment and EEO law.  



  • MRM’s staff collectively has conducted  more than a 2000+ formal EEO complaints of investigation. We value quality and timeliness and have built strict quality assurance measures into our entire process from assignment to completion to ensure products and services that are delivered meet or exceed the requirements and expectations in the Statement of Work (SOW). 

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